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Wine Club

Receive Our Released Wines Every Quarter

Joining our Wine Club provides members with the opportunity to sample our finest wines. Members receive 4 shipments of wine per year. Sign up and get three bottles of wine each quarter (that’s every three months). Pickup at Vino Bambino every March, June, September, and December. Stay in the club forever, or cancel at anytime.

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Join the Wine Club

Joining the Vino Bambino Wine Club allows you to sample our finest wines 4 times per year. As we make up to 12 different varietals, you'll rarely receive the same varietal/vintage twice in a year. Each pickup is specially curated by the winemakers at Vino Bambino Winery.

Benefits of Vino Bambino Wine Club

  • Members receive a 10% discount on all current release wines

  • Members will receive 3 bottles per quarter (March, June, September, December) with each pickup being specially curated by the winemakers at Vino Bambino Winery

  • Members can pickup the third weekend of every pick up month (March, June, September, December)

  • All this for just $75 per quarter, plus tax. That’s it. Your card is charged two weeks in advance of each pickup.

  • Payments will be processed via debit or credit card on the first day of the 4 months listed above.


Wine Club



Every 3 months

Sign up and get 3 bottles of wine each quarter (every three months). Pickup at winery.

Valid until canceled

Members will receive 3 bottles per quarter

Each pickup is specially curated by the Vino Bambino team

Members receive 10% off released wines

Terms and Requirements


Wine Club Membership is continuous and ends only when you decide to cancel. We hope you stay with us forever, but if you need to cancel fill out a cancellation request here. Cancellation requests must be received before the first day of each pickup month (March, June, September, December). Membership is not refundable once the credit card has been charged.


$75 membership cost does not include tax.


We are currently unable to ship wines. Vino Bambino Wine Club is pickup only.


10% off membership discount applies to wine purchased in our barrel room for off premise consumption only.


Pickups will take place the third weekend of each pickup month. We ask that you please mark your calendars in advance of each pickup, as we have limited storage space and cannot hold on to wine.


Vino Bambino Winery reserves the right to change or substitute bottles for members who do not pick up their wines by the end of the month.

Wine Club Signup
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