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Vino Bambino is looking to transform winemaking and blending into an incredibly fun experience to be enjoyed with friends and clients.

About US

Have you ever wanted to blend your own wine to YOUR OWN unique tastes? Dream no longer. We know there are many other wine lovers like us out there who want to connect and enjoy the fun and enjoyable experience of wine blending while learning the art of winemaking.

There were no other wineries in the area that provide a place for other wine lovers to meet, have fun, blend their own wines and experience wine the way it was meant to be experienced.

So, we took it upon ourselves to make our own Micro winery.

Vino Bambino Winery was founded for wine lovers by wine lovers.

We built the winery and wine clubs that we wanted to see out here on the East Coast - since there was nothing like it around - until now.

Our commitment is to produce the best hand-crafted wine blends along with developing meaningful relationships with our customers and our growing community of wine connoisseurs.


We hope you'll join us at Vino Bambino Winery 🍷 

Red wine in wine glass