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We're all wine enthusiasts at Vino Bambino. We wanted to design a company for the wine enthusiast and by the wine enthusiast to draw more people into the fun experience of making and blending their own wines. 


John Giacomucci - Founder / Master WineMaker


John Giacomucci founded Vino Bambino LLC in 2017 and is a serial entrepreneur having run other successful small businesses in the Greater Philadelphia Area. John has been making wine his entire life and has become a truly skilled winemaker. John has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University.


His family has been making and blending wine since he was a kid and plans to grow Vino Bambino substantially. There are plans for a rooftop wine bar on the Main Line. One of John's favorite things about Vino Bambino is turning a lifelong passion into a business that allows other wine enthusiasts to experience the art and science behind wine blending.


M: 610-299-5008

John Giacomucci.HEIC

Larry Graham​ - Marketing Director 


Larry Graham is an experienced marketer who oversees the creation and acceleration of Vino Bambino's marketing strategy and brand management.  Larry has helped launch and grow startups across multiple industries including tech, supply chain, construction, wine, men's fashion, and skincare. 


As a wine enthusiast himself, he hopes to be able to spread the magic of wine blending to customers. Larry graduated from Villanova University with a BA. 


M:  484-213-5120

Anthony Voci​  - Blend Master

Anthony Voci is a practicing attorney with great passion for wine. As a second generation Italian-American, his wine journey began as a boy at the family dinner table. Anthony and John met on the baseball field at age thirteen, beginning a close friendship that has spanned four decades. Anthony has been making and blending wine with the Giacomucci family for more than twenty years. Sharing his blends with family and friends is one of Anthony's greatest joys. He looks forward to sharing some with you. 


M: 215-837-4965

Anthony Voci

My parents were immigrants from Italy and for many Italian immigrants, they would blend a few grape varietals together. This was out of necessity since the grapes weren't of very high quality so in order to have a palatable and tasty wine, they had to blend it.

My family would tweak the blend every year, typically using a mix of 3 grapes. One day, I thought to myself, "If blending is a necessity for poor quality grapes in order to make it taste good, what happens when you blend only the finest quality grapes together?"

So, does blending make better wine?

After setting up a winery and tasting these blends for myself and having wine tastings for now thousands of people - I can answer that question with an emphatic YES.

Vino Bambino has since been on a mission to produce the best tasting wine based on YOUR tastes and we continue to run many blind taste tests to improve our special blends. In fact, in our blind taste tests when comparing a single varietal wine like Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon and then comparing it to our Vino Bambino blends - in 100% of our tastings, the wine enthusiasts preferred our blend every time.


Through all of our experience and that of wine enthusiasts, we know that it adds more complexity and characteristics. Everybody at Vino Bambino is a wine enthusiast like myself and we look forward to providing you with the best wine blends and a new experience to treasure.


- John Giacomucci

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