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Barrel Club

Blend Your Own 1/4 Barrel

At Vino Bambino Winery, you don't just taste wine, you get to truly experience and participate in all stages of the wine making process. Ready to make your own blend? We offer the opportunity to blend your own quarter barrel (with your name on it!) 


Blend Your Own 1/4 Barrel

Why settle for ordinary wine when you can create an extraordinary blend? Welcome to Vino Bambino Winery's Barrel Club - the Ultimate Wine Blending Experience crafted for true wine connoisseurs like you.


🍇 Unparalleled Grape Selection

At Vino Bambino, we source the finest quality grapes from around the world, ensuring each varietal carries its unique characteristics and flavors. Our expert winemakers are here to guide you through the process of blending your own 1/4 barrel. (6 Cases)

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🕒 Age Matters

Patience pays off in winemaking. Unlike others, our wines are aged for a minimum of 2 years (1 year more than most), allowing the flavors to develop fully and harmonize. Start your blending journey with our carefully aged 2019/2021 grapes, unlocking a spectrum of flavors that will delight your palate.


🧪 True Wine Blending Mastery

Experience the art of wine blending at its finest. Unlike off-the-shelf recipes, we believe in the power of taste. Our graduated cylinder blending method grants you ultimate control, allowing for finer adjustments and precision. Achieve your perfect blend with ratios accurate to within +/ - 1%. A testament to our dedication to quality.


🍷 Create Your Unique Blend

Immerse yourself in the exciting process of crafting your own unique blend. Through our Wine Blending experience, you will have the opportunity to taste and experiment with different ratios, unlocking the artistry within you. Discover the perfect harmony of flavors that reflects your discerning taste. We use 2 - 3 grapes per blend.

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🪵 Hungarian & French Oak

We spare no expense when it comes to quality. Hungarian and French oak is regarded as superior to American oak due to its tighter grain structure and unique aromatic profile, imparting more refined and complex flavors to the wine.


📦 Climate-Controlled Storage

Included in our Barrel program is FREE storage of your custom blend for up to 1 year in our climate-controlled facility which is kept at 60 degrees 24/7 365 days per year.

Where We Source Grapes

Satellite view of Lake County AVA wine map

Our red wine varietals are sourced from the highest quality grapes around the world - like Lake County, California 🍇 

Barrel Club Pricing

Embark on a delightful journey with our handpicked 2019/2021 vintage grape varietals, carefully sourced from renowned vineyards across distinct AVA regions, resulting in exceptional wines that offer an exquisite balance of flavors and aromas. Each Blend will be comprised of 2 - 3 Varietals.

Main Varietal
Placemat #
Bottle Cost (6 Cases)
Q1 2024
2021 Merlot
$1,994.40 (72 bottles @ $27.70 ea.)
Q2 2024
2021 Cabernet Sauvignon
$2,138.40 (72 bottles @ $29.70 ea.)
Q2 2024
2021 Sangiovese
$1,836 (72 bottles @ $25.50 ea.)
Q3 2024
2021 Syrah
$1,764 (72 bottles @ $24.50 ea.)
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