What is Wine Blending?

Wine blending is the process of combining different wine varietals to create a composite that's better than any of the wines separately on their own. The wines blended might be from different varieties, different regions, different wood—and non-wood-aging, And different vintages.

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Did you know? Wine makers don't have to label their wine as a blend as long as 75% of the wine is from a single varietal.

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Each grape variety that is added to a wine blend contributes a special attribute, which combines to create a perfectly well-rounded, rich and smooth tasting wine. Wines from Bordeaux and Champagne are world-renowned for their exceptional wine blends.

So, what grapes make the perfect blends? Here are a few examples of some popular wine blends. 

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If you made your own wine blend, what would you make?

Check out the classic white and red wine blends from around the world.

Creating the blend might just be the most creative part of being a winemaker.


It’s the moment where you get a chance to exercise your skills at flavor balancing. In fact, the process of blending goes beyond just putting grape varieties together. Many winemakers go through a rigorous barrel selection process to identify the best tasting wines.


The top barrels go into a winery’s reserve bottlings, either reserved as a single variety or put together into a cuvée (French for ‘vat’).

Infographic courtesy of Wine Folly