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2017 CabNoir #1 Red Blend

Indulge in our 2017 CabNoir #1 Red Blend, a remarkable wine that showcases the best of Lake County, California. This blend comprises 86% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Pinot Noir, and 4% Petite Sirah, meticulously aged for 38 months in select Hungarian Oak barrels to enhance its complex structure and velvety richness. This vintage delivers a balance of boldness and elegance, making it a favorite among those who appreciate a top-tier red blend. With each sip, experience a journey of layered flavors and a sumptuous, enduring finish that defines luxury in a glass.



Tasting Notes:

  • Color: Deep garnet red, exuding a classic, refined style.
  • Nose: A rich tapestry of aromas unfolds with oaky and earthy tones, interwoven with tobacco, cedar, and a hint of lush vanilla, crowned by subtle black cherry accents.
  • Palate: The flavor profile mirrors the aromatic complexity, starting with an oaky introduction that transitions to a robust dark plum on the mid-palate. The experience culminates in a dry finish with gritty, well-structured tannins.


This vintage is an excellent choice for those seeking a wine that combines bold flavors with a graceful finish, perfect for enhancing any meal or special occasion.

2017 CabNoir #1 Red Blend

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