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Vino Bambino Winery

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Vino Bambino was created because we noticed few wine enthusiasts actually knew what goes into making a great wine. We created a company that combines the excitement of wine blending, wine tasting, and wine classes for small private parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, to large corporate events. Our events and classes provide a unique wine blending experience for wine lovers to help them understand the artistry and science that goes into wine making. 


We allow enthusiasts to create their very own wine blends with friends, launch & label their own wines, impress clients with custom labels or join the premier wine club in the area for unprecedented access to ultra-premium grapes and wine blends. Our wine is designed to stand out by importing only the FINEST quality grapes from vineyards around the world. We use old world traditions combined with innovative technologies to produce the world's best blends.


Our mission is to create a wine blending experience like no other that blends exceptional wines and exquisite tastes with great company and allowing them to appreciate the subtle distinctions of a wine; uncorking a new and fun wine tasting experience.

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